Marble Hospitality


Escape life in the concrete jungle

Pronounced “Zoo”

Zioux is Marble Hospitaliy’s latest offering.

Taking its inspiration from the lavish Art Nouveau movement, the sumptuous Belle Époque and elegant contemporary Parisian brasseries.

Zioux promises to be a refuge from the flurry of city life.

Zioux is a merger of a bar and a restaurant

A luxurious lounge where guests indulge in champagne, cocktails and a menu featuring an extravagant selection of dishes designed to be shared.

Zioux’s menu promises to offer a sophisticated synergy of international and South African cuisine, with a fun and almost theatrical take on presentation.

Playful prints, bespoke artwork designs and textures bring the space to life

Each corner and surface has been carefully thought through and pays homage to the 70’s era, punching emotion into this intimate, yet seductive space.

The centerpieces of Zioux consist of its Onyx marble back-lit bar, raised VIP area and outside seating with intricate detailing.

Prepare to ‘break free’ and ‘uncage yourself’ in this opulent, playful space.

Zioux Gallery