Marble Hospitality


Escape life in the concrete jungle

Fancy, but easy

The Pantry by Marble is a revolutionary approach to the South African forecourt convenience store. The Pantry is hybrid model of a supermarket, deli, take away and retail store.

It’s a speciality grocery store which offers consumers an elevated selection of items including quality fresh produce, ready to go meals, bakery items, flowers, wine and everyday essentials along with a bespoke retail selection.

A Unique Retail Experience

The retail section has over 6 000 items ranging from convenience foods to household retail items, curated local artisanal products and imported items.

You can buy anything from washing powder, toothpaste and baby nappies, to artisanal spices, chillis and hot chocolate.

Skilfully Curated Food Choices

David and his team headed up by Megan Meikle and Tyler Clayton have assembled an array of foods including quick ready to e at items like cakes, bowls, salads, pasta, wraps and even freshly made pizza.

It’s something a little bit different from other shops. The hot product s are reminiscent of what you’d find at a corner café fish and chips, prego rolls, not your average garage pie and rotisserie chickens. There is also a wide assortment of salad and vegetable options a day.

The idea is you can easily put a meal together Mexican, Italian, roast chicken and veg, or steak and salad.

A Sommelier’s Selection

Wikus Human, head sommelier for the Marble Hospitality, has put together a thoughtfully curated selection of 45 local wines and international Champagnes.

You’ll find a great familiar mix of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cinsault, Pinotage, Pinot Noir and one or two blends.

In the absence of a sommelier, the vintage, background, tasting notes and recommended pairing is displayed next to each bottle just as a sommelier would guide you in either Marble, Saint or Zioux.

Homeware & Gifting

The homeware and gifting section, curated by Marble Group’s interior designer Irene Kyriacou, features an assortment of items made especially for Marble and Saint, but also functional homeware items for serving or gifting.

Rialheim platters and vases, Okra candles, and 100% cotton table linen from African Jacquard.

Pantry Gallery