Marble Hospitality


The luxury of Meat and Flame

Meat and Flame.

Two things that are ingrained in South Africa’s concept of food. They are such a part of our culture that they can easily be taken for granted.

Marble doesn’t

Marble seeks to celebrate meat and honour flame. To take the simple and make it sublime.

Launched in 2016

To huge acclaim and is quickly became an icon in the Johannesburg culinary experience.

Marble is named equally after the delicate strands of fat woven through quality meat and the luxury and decadence of marble.

The brand identity asks the viewer to take a closer look at the ordinary, to see the sublime.

The “live fire” restaurant is renowned for luscious flame-cooked dishes

Including meat, fish, chicken, vegetable and bread; an extensive wine selection, elegant views, impeccable service and outstanding cocktails.

Signature meat cuts are sourced from Migo’s Jersey Beef from Tsitsikamma in the Southern Cape; Double R Ranch Northwest Meat, Washington State; and prominent SA producer of premium beef, Chalmar.

Supporting SA Artists

Marble worked with local artisan Damien Grivas who designed the custom wall panels behind the main bar, the cement wall façade at the open kitchen, and the hand-woven macramé screen inside the main restaurant.

Local ceramic artist Peter Mthombeni designed and produced the “dolos” ceramic figurines, hundreds of which were set into a wall feature inside the restaurant.

Cape Town art photographer Krisjan Rossouw’s work, shot exclusively for Marble, are stationed in three locations, while celebrated SA ceramicist Mervyn Gers, who specialises in handmade tableware, manufactured all the tableware and ceramic wall tiles that were installed in the open kitchen.

Meat and Flame Enthusiasts

Marble pays homage to the ancient practice and art of cooking meat on an open fire – known in South Africa as a “braai”.

Set in Rosebank’s Keyes Art Mile, Marble Restaurant is Kyriacou and Higgs’ first collaboration.

It boasts an impressive wood-fire grill imported from Grill Works in Michigan as the focal point of the restaurant. It seeks to change the perception of meat from something commonplace into something luxuriant.

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