Marble Hospitality

Re-Inventing the
Dining Experience

About Us

Dining is so much more than the act of eating: It’s about friends and family; it’s a celebration of life and a sensory occasion, which is imbued with history, culture and a multitude of experiences.

Marble Hospitality is committed to combining many disciplines to create lasting experiences for our guests.

Our designs are contemporary, made by some of South Africa’s very best craftspeople and artists; our grills and pizza ovens are imported from the finest international manufacturers, while our finishings are of the highest quality, sourced both locally and internationally.

We honour every cut of meat and revel in the freshness and quality of our ingredients. We find beauty in the raw, the real and the natural, by infusing it with everything that we love about life and luxury. At each of our restaurants, we ensure that our guests’ experiences are honed by our skilled and talented staff.

Our Brands